FAQ – Quest in Tour

Frequently asked questions

I want to buy a quest tour. How can I do it?

Choose the quest you like on our website Qustintur.com. If you want to buy it for more than one device, fill in the email addresses of the persons to whom the quest will be sent. You can pay with MasterCard or Visa. Immediately after payment, we will send an email to the specified email addresses with detailed instructions for further action. Download the application QuestinTour for free in Google Play or App Store. Then, using your mobile device, login to your account and find the purchased tour, download it to your mobile device. The downloaded game will be valid for 1 year.

Attention! Do not activate the game until you arrive at the starting point of the route, because after activation the game will be available only for 5 days!

Our emails are sent automatically. If you have not received your email please have a look in the spam / junk folder of your email client. If the email has not arrived within an hour, please write to info@questintour.com or call us and we will solve the problem!

How old do I have to be to take your tour?

Age doesn’t matter! We provide historical information in a playful form – a game. So it is easier to perceive and memorize it! And you can take a tour at a comfortable pace! But it is important to remember that children and adolescents under the age of 18 can take our quest tour either accompanied by adults or with their written consent. You can check the details in the «Commercial Terms».

We came here to see the city as a common tourists. Is your quest tour suitable for us?

Our quest tour is suitable for everyone! You can start your journey at any time convenient for you and walk at your own pace. There’s no rush, and to answer the questions you basically just need to pay attention and think logically. In fact, you don’t even have to answer them. But you can if you want to. Your answers may be correct, but they may also be wrong. You can use the hints or not. In any case, you will receive all the most interesting historical information on the route you have chosen!

What phone do I need in order to take a quest tour?

Any smartphone with Android or iPhone / iPad with iOS is suitable.

System requirements:

  • At least Android 6.0.
  • At least iOS 10.

What do I do if the phone battery is low?

Make sure your phone is charged before you start a tour. You can bring along a portable battery. If, however, the phone is discharged, you can take a pause and, after charging the device, pick up where you left off.

Is it possible to take a quest tour riding a bike or roller-skating?

Of course, it is! Roller skates, scooters, bicycles —  everything will do! But keep in mind that there may be obstacles: stairs, crossings and paths with a complex surface, for example, cobblestones. And remember that you are responsible for your own safety.

Oh! It looks like the wall was demolished, and the monument was closed for repairs. What do we do?

We try to closely monitor all changes in the urban environment that may affect our quest tours. And yet sometimes force majeure can happen. After all, the tourist attractions of the ancient cities need constant care. If you found yourself in a situation like this, please report it to us at info@questintour.com. We ourselves, as well as all our tourists, will be very grateful to you!

I found a mistake!

We will really appreciate it if you report a bug to info@questintour.com.

How long a quest tour is valid after purchase?

Non-activated quest tours will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. From the moment the game is activated, the link will be valid for 5 days. Do not activate a quest tour ahead of time! You don’t need an internet connection to activate the game and it should be done at the starting point of the route. You can buy a tour in advance if you have already planned a vacation. We can offer advantageous tour packages. The number of our quest tours will grow, stay tuned, and perhaps the city of your dreams will soon be in the list of our offers!

Can I complete the tour today, and do it again tomorrow?

Yes, you can! Activated link is valid for 5 days! During this period you can take our quest tour again and again. However, if you have already answered the questions, you can’t answer them again, but you can see your answers. You can also take a tour and then listen to or read historical information about the sights after coming back to your hotel.

Is it possible to play via sms?

There is no such possibility. However, our mobile application does not need this. Install our application, login to your account and download the purchased quest tour. To start and complete the quest you no longer need an internet connection. Questions and tasks will appear gradually throughout the entire route.

There are a lot of us! Can we take your quest tour on one phone?

If you have a large group of people, we recommend purchasing several codes for one tour at a discount. It is best to take a tour on individual mobile devices with headphones. The noise of the city can prevent you from hearing something important. However, you can also turn on the maximum volume and play the game on one phone.

How does the purchase of quest tours for 2 or more devices / persons go? How to use a discount?

Do you want every person in the group to have the opportunity to individually listen with headphones, as well as independently answer questions? In this case, it is better to purchase your chosen quest tour for 2 or more devices, and get a good discount! When the selected tour is in the basket, you will need to specify the email addresses of the persons who are going to take it with you. After the payment is received, we will send them an email with detailed instructions for further action.

How long does it take to complete your quest tour?

We offer different quest tours. You can find the information about the exact length of each route and the conditional time you need to complete it in section «Tours»! We tried to develop routes so that you looked at the most interesting things along the way and did not get too tired. The average length of a route is about 2–2.5 km. The completion will take about 2–2.5 hours. However, if you do not compete with anyone and choose your own pace, if you take coffee and lunch breaks, relax in the parks, photograph the monuments and take selfies, this can take a whole day!

What do I need to wear?

You don’t need to wear anything special. However, you could use a good shoes and comfortable clothes. If you are going to have a competition, we advise you not to take a tour in high heels. Moreover, streets of ancient cities are often covered with cobblestone. Look out the window and check the weather conditions. Remember, if it starts to rain, you can always stop and continue from the same spot when the sun comes out!

We can’t figure out where to go. What should we do?

Carefully read our orientation plan once again. We try to give you directions from one landmark to another as clearly as possible, indicating either the street name, or the number of the nearest house, or your right / left hand. In addition, in the application you will find a map which will also help you navigate. Furthermore, we created a «Useful information for travellers» section on our website in order to make it easier for you to move around Prague and its surrounding area using public transport.