What is a quest tour – Quest in Tour

What exactly is a quest tour?

There are so many things yet to be discovered about the world around us, and so many mysterious places with an interesting history. How do we get acquainted with the secrets of the past? How can we unlock these mysteries in an interesting and easy way, and most importantly, have fun during this process? Our quest tours are exactly what you need to uncover as many secrets as possible in our vast world.

Participating in a quest tour, you will visit interesting places, get acquainted with the sights of different countries and learn a lot of fascinating facts about them. Mysterious questions are waiting for you, and thanks to this you will notice more interesting details. An ordinary walk (excursion) can turn into a captivating journey and even an adventure, while completing tasks and solving riddles will give you a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. During the game you will learn interesting stories, legends and facts about the sights we’ll see along the way.

All you need is a mobile phone. Internet access is not required.

Benefits of quest tours
  • You can take the purchased quest tour at any time convenient for you, it’s valid for 1 year. Only you decide when to start the quest tour.
  • Quest tour will allow you to visit the most interesting places and let you see the main attractions. We have prepared for you the best routes, and also selected the most interesting and important facts.
  • You can always put the game “on pause”. You can stop at any time, and then pick up where you left off. Feel free to take a break to admire something you like a bit longer. After starting the tour you will have 5 days to complete it.
  • No guides – only people of your choice and a comfortable pace. You are walking with your own group, and most importantly – there’s no rush! You can complete a quest tour at your own pace.
  • Active participation in a game process will help you better absorb new information.
  • Fixed price of a quest tour regardless of the number of participants. The cost of one quest tour with voice-over is 38 €. The cost of one quest tour without voice-over is 28 €. We recommend purchasing one quest tour for 1–3 people. And if you buy 2 or more tours, you get a significant discount!
Who is a quest tour suitable for?
  • For friends

Quest is great entertainment for friendly meetings. You can create teams by purchasing multiple codes, and compete with each other.

  • For lovers

Quest tour will make you firmly hold hands and embark together on a journey of discovery, seeking new knowledge and unraveling secrets, while completing interesting tasks. You will have a lot of fun!

  • For family vacation

Quest tour gives you the opportunity to visit interesting places without haste. You can pause at any time, have coffee or lunch, and then continue on your route. And your children will be really excited about solving interesting puzzles and answering questions during the completion of the quest.

  • For corporate events

Quest tour can be an excellent way to bring a team together and have a great time. Our quests are designed for an unlimited number of people. (We recommend to use one tour for up to 6 people). You can create teams by purchasing multiple codes and compete with each other. You’ll have so much fun!

How to start a quest tour?
  • Choose a route you are interested in, pay online directly on our website and get all the instructions in your email.
  • When you are ready to go on the quest tour, get to the starting point of the route.
  • Using your smartphone or tablet, activate the quest tour and start the game.
  • Solve riddles with friends or family and learn a lot of interesting new things.
  • When buying multiple codes for the same quest, you can divide into groups and compete with each other.
  • At the end of the game the achievements will be summed up: the time of completion, points scored (based on the number of correct answers and hints used).
  • You can use the earned points to get a discount on a next quest tour.
Any questions?

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