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Advantageous quest tour packages. Discounts and bonuses

Advantageous package

If there’s a whole bunch of you or if you have a big family, it is more beneficial to buy several codes for one quest tour. We recommend to take a tour with headphones and individual mobile devices. You can even arrange a competition! Therefore, we offer you to purchase a quest tour at a discount price for each mobile device separately. When buying several codes, enter the email addresses of your friends, and they will receive an invitation to register on our website and to participate in the game. The more codes you acquire, the more profitable it is! Your discount will automatically appear in your shopping cart on the website.

2 – 3 codes: 10% discount;

4 – 5 codes: 15% discount;

6 – 7 codes: 20% discount;

8 – 9 codes: 25% discount;

10 codes: 30% discount.

The option of buying several quest tours online is not yet available. But! If you are planning a trip to Prague with your family or a big group of people and want to buy several quest tours at once for the duration of your stay in the city, please contact us via the feedback form or email, we will get back to you and give you an individual discount.