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The Agreement Termination Terms

1. Customer’s rights upon termination of the Agreement

1.1 The client has the right to cancel the current Agreement without giving reasons within 14 days, excluding the day of the conclusion of the Agreement and the purchase of services.


1.2 In order to exercise the rights to withdraw from the Agreement, the Customer must inform the Company about their decision to terminate the Agreement in a written form (Application for Adjudication of Claims) by mail or email.


1.3 Notification in writing must be sent before the expiration of the period specified in paragraph 1.1.

2. Procedure for Termination of the Agreement

2.1 If the Customer terminates this Agreement no later than 14 days from the date of its conclusion, in accordance with paragraph 1.1, provided that during this period he did not activate the received service, the Company must return all payments within the specified period and without delay.


2.2 Refund of the paid amount for the service is carried out in the same way that the Customer used in the initial transaction unless he specifies another. In any case, the Customer incurs no additional costs. Refunds are made only after receiving confirmation that the Customer has not activated the service after purchase.


The standard form for termination of the Agreement can be found in the section “Application for Adjudication of Claims”.

If the Customer wants to cancel the Agreement with the Company, they must fill in the form and send it.

A notice of termination of the Agreement will be sent to the Customer’s email address indicated in the application.