Malá Strana – Quest in Tour

Self Guided Walking Tour Mala Strana (Little Quarter)

Try to unravel the main secret of the Order of Malta...
A real adventure awaits you!

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2.5 km
Places seen
14 places
2.5 hours

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Malá Strana.
Mystery of the Order of Malta

The mystery of the Order of Malta attracted the most famous treasure hunters – Odyssey and Lara Croft. But bold heroes can’t do without your help! The magic map will show the right path, and its mysterious puzzles will force you to rack your brains. But the mystery of the Order of Malta is worth it!

Malá Strana is a small area between Hradčany and Vltava – a true baroque style sanctuary! Magnificent palaces, which Mozart visited; medieval churches with history full of tragic events; the legendary John Lennon Wall, where you can leave a mark on history of Prague … And yet the most important secret of Malá Strana is the secret of the Order of Malta. Well, try to solve it!

Major Attractions
  • House “At Two Suns”
  • Bretfeld Palace
  • Church of the Virgin Mary of Perpetual Help
  • Thun-Hohenstein Palace
  • Morzin Palace
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Liechtenstein Palace
  • Church of Our Lady Victorious
  • Beethoven’s Palace
  • Church of the Virgin Mary under the Chain
  • John Lennon Wall
  • Residence of the Grand Prior
Starting point of the route

Tram stop Pohořelec. The nearest metro station: green line (A) Malostranská.
Then take tram number 22, 23.